its the last day of 2009...finally started working on my project again quickly that i can go out tonight and earn the 10pints that (i think) i deserve from all the hard work...
here is a quick moodboard ive done..kinda show the direction of where my concepts going

old drawings

found this two drawings i did when i first got my drawing tablet
i think they look pretty cool...

Last Lecture

here is a link to watch the full version of this on youtube.

happy stuffs

Amsterdam based design Roel-jan Elsinga..
all his works are just there to put a smile on your face..
from my point of a designer, whats better to do than making this world a happier place...

super nice and minimal

only came across A. G. Fronzoni recently...
(sorry for being ignorance)..
his stuff are just...super nice...the layout..color and the structure..
cant really get simpler and nicer...

another interactive alarm clock

there are so many funky/interactive/weird alarm clock out there, mostly to force a person to get out of bed. this one i saw from Yanko is probably the best one i have ever seen.
the answer is straight forward and natural...(compare to catching the flying alarm or chasing it around)

james auger and jimmy loizeau Creating the After life

photos from Bejing

traditional wooden joinery architecture


fire equipment outside a vase factory (left)
bike components shop on a bike (right)

interesting food (left)
random band in park (right)

encouraging recycle?

chilling whenever

let this man from the pass show you the future

these are scenes from an IBM slide presentation in 1975
the simple photos and use of font bring out the message clearly
...and also very beautiful

more here: link

many men

saw this amazing photo from this website here...
it was taken at the china's
celebrations of 60 years of communist rule..its weird that everyone look very just doesnt seem real...

model making for G.O.D Hong Kong

scaled model of a chinese theater
the 'flower board' for decoration was
made by me,made with paper card
and colored tissue paper

the incredible structure was made my
colleague King, Kevin and Crystal

two old men leaning back on chairs....

Stokke's Zero-Gravity chair... giving the feeling between being in control and losing control...provide an ultimate satisfaction for people who loves leaning back on chair..

in order to create this Zero-Gravity chair for a 'nice sit down'...the development might not be as nice and could be something like this:

"bear your motherland in mind while casting your eyes on the world"

saw this camper bike made by Kevin Cyr on designboom.
i really like this sentence from his website:
"bear your motherland in mind while casting your eyes on the world"

i believe that now days being is like being green......

today I was building a BLANK CANVAS
this is actually my flat mate's project
its basically a..

I did this page the other night.
The font was created by using gird of the warehouse windows opposite my flat.