its the last day of 2009...finally started working on my project again quickly that i can go out tonight and earn the 10pints that (i think) i deserve from all the hard work...
here is a quick moodboard ive done..kinda show the direction of where my concepts going

old drawings

found this two drawings i did when i first got my drawing tablet
i think they look pretty cool...

Last Lecture

here is a link to watch the full version of this on youtube.

happy stuffs

Amsterdam based design Roel-jan Elsinga..
all his works are just there to put a smile on your face..
from my point of a designer, whats better to do than making this world a happier place...

super nice and minimal

only came across A. G. Fronzoni recently...
(sorry for being ignorance)..
his stuff are just...super nice...the layout..color and the structure..
cant really get simpler and nicer...