this is what i used to do back home when i was a kid, just draw random stuffs when everyones watching television after dinner.
havnt done anything like this for a while...its actually much better than just watching telly!

table tennis

some classmates are doing a client project with nokia at the moment, and the brief is about playfulness. so some of them have decided to bring different playful objects into the studio, and the most popular one is table tennis. people seem to avoid using those table, even no one is playing. seem that the purpose of those two table have been changed, just like a real table tennis table its perfectly fine to work or eat at, but it just doesn't seem right...its not what its for.

camglass london

just visited this glass workshop near stratford. the guy there did different experiments with the fused fiber optic glass for our research. its amazing seeing how it was actually being heated up, twisted around and stuff.

what a legend!

I miss u...

since i left my skates back in hong kong...its been a very long time since i last put some wheels under my feet...i recently found my self in the same routine pretty much everyday for the last 3months...this mundane life is sort of slowly killing me...
am missing the simple excitement of jumping up and down, falling and getting hurt...