Drench Thunderbird adv

I am not sure how old/new this is, but just saw this recently and thought its pretty cool. Guessing it is half real puppet and half computer, but very cleverly blended in, make it stay puppet looking.

Bespoke exhibition

For the last two months, been hardcore sorting out this exhibition space for Luma bicycle, its not only the first project for Jofan&ko, it is also our first spacial design project.
Luma wanted to create a new market of selling bike frames with bespoke graphic printed, or some hand painted on them, bringing the idea of custom bike to another level, (bit like the first company to print graphic onto t-shirt in other words.)
Our concept is to create a unique atmosphere with the display units for the bikes frames and not adding much extra installation, so that it would not over power the bikes them self. Stands for the frames were make from scaffolding materials, and none of the 'lines' are in a different angle as those on the frames