Drench Thunderbird adv

I am not sure how old/new this is, but just saw this recently and thought its pretty cool. Guessing it is half real puppet and half computer, but very cleverly blended in, make it stay puppet looking.

Bespoke exhibition

For the last two months, been hardcore sorting out this exhibition space for Luma bicycle, its not only the first project for Jofan&ko, it is also our first spacial design project.
Luma wanted to create a new market of selling bike frames with bespoke graphic printed, or some hand painted on them, bringing the idea of custom bike to another level, (bit like the first company to print graphic onto t-shirt in other words.)
Our concept is to create a unique atmosphere with the display units for the bikes frames and not adding much extra installation, so that it would not over power the bikes them self. Stands for the frames were make from scaffolding materials, and none of the 'lines' are in a different angle as those on the frames

some extra design for schott

a few extra design i did for schott...unfortunately they would cost too much to produce if using their fused fiber optic..

its all finished

stories for unworkable table and schott is now up on www.vincentfan.com...why dont you go check it out!

degree show...

yea...this is it..3 years at csm product...how strange...

jeremy and his phone for nokia

Schott...'idea made of glass'?

currently working a project for glass manufacturer schott..
here is a moodboard to describes my feeling toward the outcome of this project

two weeks left...

with only two weeks left...things are starting to get stressful and wrong...
accidently over write my finished GA folder with the one got nothing in it..wasted half of today trying to get it done...and still got like one third to do...
started building my table as well...my maple arrived on monday...after a week of sanding and cutting...got all the parts i needed..leaving extra 5mm for my technician to trim them off..so they can be nice as squarey...and he came back with one side half a mill too small on eight of them..they dont fit nice and tide in the jig now...guess i will hav to stick a layer of veneer on one side to sort of recover the volume..
anyway...i guess shit happens ever time..so just hope the 'shit' has happened...and noting else go wrong...then it will all be alright...
must not let stress effect my thinking...and waste my time....just like dieter said...got to stay positive yo!

a quick desk lamp

ingredients: acrylic sheet, energy saving/low heat light bulb, foot switch, cable and plug with fuse

prepare: cut lines cross the acrylic sheet and try to leave it at one piece.

pre heat oven to about 160c and heat the sheets up for pretty much less than 5 mins then fold it and let it cool down.

truly solar powered light bulb

'its all about the story'

this is probably the most said quote from my first year and present year director at my course. after 3 years...and i think im slightly getting it now.

recent documentary saw on the bbc, 'my kid could paint that' shows how important the story is. 4 years old Marla Olmstead, who's paintings sold for $300000 and more in 2004. people loved them because of all the imagination with in and behind the paintings, a 4 year old can do modern art painting pretty much as good as some of the modern art masters, which a lot of people think their works look like kid's painting anyway...
however after 60mins did a feature on marla, doubting her ability and the possibility of her father helping her, the fame fortune went right down due to the power of story telling.
....paintings still look the same tho, they never change, its just the story behind has changed. 60mins did the story of what a lot of people wanted or not wanted to hear based on a almost prefect story of marla. is it because of the time, wearing off the excitement of the original story, and marla was unable to produce more positive input into the storyline, there for the publics started this crave for more, no matter its positive or negative, they just wanted to hear more of it....and ended up digging out all the possibilities of the negative side...
something i learned from it...if u started a sroty, dont let other people finish your it for you....and put an end at where its right..dont be stingy, just stop when its at its best...


this is what i used to do back home when i was a kid, just draw random stuffs when everyones watching television after dinner.
havnt done anything like this for a while...its actually much better than just watching telly!

table tennis

some classmates are doing a client project with nokia at the moment, and the brief is about playfulness. so some of them have decided to bring different playful objects into the studio, and the most popular one is table tennis. people seem to avoid using those table, even no one is playing. seem that the purpose of those two table have been changed, just like a real table tennis table its perfectly fine to work or eat at, but it just doesn't seem right...its not what its for.

camglass london

just visited this glass workshop near stratford. the guy there did different experiments with the fused fiber optic glass for our research. its amazing seeing how it was actually being heated up, twisted around and stuff.

what a legend!