Debian Blak first art work

One of the projects that I did last month was to produce art work for music producer Debian Blak. As this is the first publicising piece for the artist, we decided that keep it quiet and subtle, as we do not want to be sort of intimating like any other pop music. We were trying to draw a line between those commercial music and music which truly come from the musician's own creativity, experience and how he uses those to tell honest stories.
From my point of view, what he does is no different to what a designer or artist do. Therefor I decided to simply sketch him, to keep the element of "an artist" and also get his face out, so people can have a bit to relate to when listening to his music.
The first idea was to create a super quick sketch that looks and feels like him, however the challenge was to keep the sketch looking sketchy but realistic at the same time. Its a combination of luck and skill that eventually bring me to the one that we both happy with (above).
You can check out his music at: SoundCloud