Painting for the cousin

My cousin is going to build the first ever eye hospital in Congo with her family, and they needed some extra money to do so. An charity auction will be held in leeds on the 10th of November and here is my piece for for them, its acrylic on digital printed canvas. If your interested you can check out or give me a buzz, but hurry!

Touch screen watch is the future!?

TikTok+LunaTik from Visere on Vimeo.

MiMoLife's LunaTik is already being sold at Dezeen's watch store. First impression, its chunky, its heavy and it got to be for some super geeky Apple fans. Second though, its all about the function you can get from the Nano.
I see it this way:

landline phone --> mobile phone (huge one, receive and call only) --> mobile with sim card (with text, game like Nokia snake) --> smart phone

clock --> pocket watch (for man) --> wristwatch --> digital watch (as in all the G-Shock/calculator watch etc...) --> Touch Screen/Smart watch

I guess the only different is analogue watches, especially mechanical will always stay in the market with their jewellery value.

It's very true

This is exactly what I think every time when I watch astronomy program!
Who are we to think we are so important, but actually we are no different to any sort of living thing on Earth. We try to survive by exchanging food, shelter and comfort with money, we reproduce, try to keep our species going. The only thing different is we imagine, our imagination has brought us all the inventions to make every bit of our life easier, it also created ideas that make us do silly things, ideas that slow us down and ideas that make us very stubborn. Anyway yea...just expressing bit of thought here, and love this video!

Downhill in style

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

Its not the latest video but still its pretty dam cool. Longboarders bomb downhill in suit by fashion designer Adam Kimmel.

Debian Blak first art work

One of the projects that I did last month was to produce art work for music producer Debian Blak. As this is the first publicising piece for the artist, we decided that keep it quiet and subtle, as we do not want to be sort of intimating like any other pop music. We were trying to draw a line between those commercial music and music which truly come from the musician's own creativity, experience and how he uses those to tell honest stories.
From my point of view, what he does is no different to what a designer or artist do. Therefor I decided to simply sketch him, to keep the element of "an artist" and also get his face out, so people can have a bit to relate to when listening to his music.
The first idea was to create a super quick sketch that looks and feels like him, however the challenge was to keep the sketch looking sketchy but realistic at the same time. Its a combination of luck and skill that eventually bring me to the one that we both happy with (above).
You can check out his music at: SoundCloud

Hong Kong friend

Friend from Hong Kong started play watch company My Way My watch. Parts are sold as separated object, in separated packaging and come in wide range of colours. The concept is, obviously, pick your own colour and create your "own" watch, providing the buyer a slight sense of individuality in this community which has no existence true individual, but hey...why the fook not, other wise everyone is going to be moulded from television advert and magazine, its good to have someone telling you that you should make your won choice right.
Please click here to see website